Wednesday, April 25, 2018

In knowing nothing lasts for ever.......

Nothing lasts for ever...
A fact of life,
Nothing good or bad lasts for ever...
As a matter of fact!

Events happen in life,
we meet people in life,
for a reason,
and at times,
for a season!

they leave a message,
leave an impact,
leave a memory,
Sometimes a knock or
A lesson meant for a lifetime.

And then people are always
like travellers,
they come and go...!
And then leave a memory on the way.

We all are indeed travelling
and are travellers,
Walking towards and headed for the everlasting!
Some accompany us along the walk
In the path of life,
some hold our hands,
some just pave way
Some just leave a kind word,
either way as the saying goes,
"At the end of the day, we are all walking each other home."

In this temporary dwelling,
nothing is worth holding on to,
except for our good deeds,
everything else is meant to be detached from
Because nothing lasts for ever!

Even the beautiful rain drops,
Lasts for a while,
at times Just enough to nourish life and the earth.
Sunshine lasts for a time
To brighten life.
Such is life!

The worry that resides in our hearts,
the anxiety that lurks in our thoughts,
the doubt that knocks,
the sorrows of life,
is not here to stay,
especially when life simple truth is accepted!
Nothing lasts for ever,
and yes, not even cold November rain,

Such is life.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

in search of truth.....

There are many ways of learning , and learning new things, learning the truth,
It could come from a deep desire to know,
from trying hard day by day,
It could also come from just a hope, a hope to seek the truth,

It could come from just an intention deep down in the heart,
And when it comes, it certainly comes as a blessing,

To know something good, to gain an understanding,
could be an enlightenment!

It certainly is a new chance,
to see and appreciate life's blessings,
In a meaningful way,
To see the blessings around,
the countless means around us,
And feel grateful,
and just be grateful through out the day....

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

How different is your opinion

We all have difference of opinions over a matter. When we refuse to see the other side of the coin we always misinterpret other peoples thoughts and expressions in an obsessed manner. Difference of opinion is healthy! But do.not let it become so different to the point where you see nothing but your opinion! 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

looking down or up or ahead

I have actually seen people laugh at me
Mock at me
But then I always forgave them
I told well, it is not their fault.
It did hurt neverthless

But I respect them
care for them
However much I can
And hold no grudges
After all we all are human

We all gossip
We all backbite
We all lie
At one time or another

But I tell myself
I will never mock and laugh at another
I will never look down on another
Cox I know how it feels actually

But then at the end of the day
Life goes on
Another new day comes
And those actions are mere human
Why take it so seriously?

Friday, October 4, 2013

Simple words

Freedom....what exactly is freedom and how free are we to do what we want out of our life?

Under normal circumstances, no matter where we are in life, we all have the freedom to do what we want out of our life, we have the freedom to choose which road we want to take, which dress to wear, what to say etc....regardless of lifes' generals principles and values, this freedom do exist..

Lets take for an example the case of a students.They are free to do what they want with their school days, like skipping classes, cheating, bullying others etc, or they are free to choose to take their studies seriously and work best to their capacity and determination.They choose their actions depending on their level of determination, and what they want out of life and what they want to give in return etc....and how much lifes principles and values matter to them...In the end they will have to face consequences any way, with a first class pass, or an average pass or a fail, but ofcourse failures are never reason to loose hope as long as ur intention and determination were right, so things depend on our intentions and our determiantion and dedication, if our intention is right, then we are on the right path,,,what i mean is after on e failure students often get many chances to try and try again,

Like wise its our determination, intentions that often take us to different levels in our chosen careers....
Like wise its the parents sincerity, determination and dedication which often brings out the best in their children.....

The fact is we always have to face the consequences of our own one way or the other,,

Different people choose different path in life , and there are people of different faiths..

Among Muslims too religon is practiced by different people to different levels, perhaps it depends on their dedication and how much they value their faith, in the end for certain we all have to pay the price of our actions good or bad,,,

quite often among Muslims too there are pepole who might not want t o practice Islamic aspects such as wearing hijaab, wearing niqaab , wearing beard etc...but being Muslims do they have the right to make fun of such aspects? Could they be more knowledgable than relgisou scholars who ask Muslims to practice it? this who make fun of such facts are making fun of their own belief, arent they?

Certainly no Muslim can deny that a Muslim have to pray 5 times a day, its obligatory, yet how many of us fail to dedicate less than an hour divided in to five times a day for our creator who blessed us with numerous blessings? How often do we giev importance to our jobs, our studies rather than our religous duties?

Life is full of ups and downs, if we are not grateful to Allah SWA during good times, to whom can we turn during lifes bad times which will come for certain sooner or later?

As Muslims we should know there are people who practice Islam to different levels, and all of us should learn to respect one another, those blessed with more knowledge and rigtheousness too should not look down on others, and those less practicing Muslims too should stop looking for a chance to make fun of there own faith rather should try to be more righteous, learn more about Islam and be thankful to Allah SWA..